Laugh A Little: Merry Christmas December 24, 2014

It is Christmas Eve, and I hope you are having a wonderful December so far! Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, I am sure this next video will make you giggle something fierce. Why is Santa falling down just so dang funny? I hope you all have a wonderful holiday, and a good laugh :)

Laugh a Little: Snow Day! December 17, 2014

Happy days, snow is here! Winter is such a magical time. Every time it snows I am brought back to memories of my childhood, playing in the snow with my neighbors on a snow day! However, where I live the snow can get quite deep... just like where ever this dog lives. Watch this adorable pooch brave about 4 feet of snow, just for some play time with his ball. Trust me... you are gonna laugh!

Surviving a Power Outage December 13, 2014

Update in my life. Living in New England is a pain in the rump! If you live in the area you will know that this Thanksgiving turned into "Grillsgiving" with a large percentage of people losing power the night before turkey day! For me and my family, the power was out for several days! Luckily, however, having lived through many New England winters, we had a generator on hand! It was enough to run the lights and one stove top burner, the microwave (with some horrid sound effects), and the Keurig (because when the family is here, I need EXTRA coffee). To be able to get everything cooked in time for dinner, we had to punt the turkey to ye old grill. Have you ever grilled a turkey? I haven't. To be fair, I am vegan... I have never independently cooked a turkey in any manner. I did cook a roast chicken once as a teenager... and I cooked it upside down. I AM NOT AN EXPERT ON DEAD POULTRY, OKAY!? I can't be held accountable for not knowing which side goes up. (Yes I realize they have those little pop thermometers but I didn't notice it and, to be fair, I still didn't have prescription lenses yet so I was still living the blurry life).