Medical Spotlight: Irritable Bowel Disease July 25, 2014

Welcome to a new series on this blog; Medical Spotlight! In this blog series I will highlight different medical conditions and diseases, both common and rare. There are plenty of medical resources online, such as WebMD, so how will this be different from these other websites? The point of this series is not to give you a deep medical knowledge on these conditions. Instead, I am going to try to give you a glimpse into the world of these patients. My hope is to raise awareness about how these diseases affect their patients, and what it is like to live with these conditions. If you have any health condition or disease you would like me to highlight next, leave a comment down below!

Life Update: Everything I Own Is In Boxes... July 20, 2014

And in trash bags... because I am moving! My apartment is a mess right now and I am going crazy trying to get ready to move in a week!

So please excuse this current hiatus in content. I do have a new blog series that will be starting this week, so look for that article coming out on Wednesday, and weekly content will resume the first week of August!

In the mean time, do you know how much I hate moving? SO much! I have moved every year for the past 3 years, and now I am moving again! Hopefully after this move I will only have ONE more move before I am settled for a while. Or at least I really really hope so.

All day I have been packing away while watching some Netflix. I am currently really into Once Upon A Time, and I am half way through the second season. I am really enjoying it. I heard there is a Frozen episode in the next season, starting this fall? I mean really, is anyone surprised? If I were the writers of this show I'd jump on that cash wagon too! Ha ha! I hope someone sings, or even just says, "Let it go!" I would laugh so much. I wonder if Olaf will be in it? I love him, he was honestly the best part of the movie if you ask me!

Also, can I just share something with you guys? See the photo on the left there. That is all my tea.... MY tea! I am the only one in the apartment that drinks tea.... LOOK AT ALL THAT! What is wrong with me? I have enough tea to survive the apocalypse! I may have a problem... Is there a Tea Hoarders Anonymous?

Well, I should go back to packing... can you tell I am stalling? Oh, I can't wait for this to be over.


The holiday weekend is over, and that means it is time to go back to work. If you are having a rough time getting back into the grind or just wishing the weekend wasn't over yet, then I have a perfect YouTube delivered pick-me-up for you!

Meet Gus, the bulldog. He is why we can't have nice things... I promise this adorable little monster will cheer you up if you are having a bad day! Enjoy!

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