Excuse me while I just... graduate. April 10, 2014

Hello guys! Long-time no talk?

So you may be wondering what has been going on with PLV lately. I am really sorry for being so MIA. Life has been a little crazy lately (Like breaking my foot... Did I mention that? True story) and I have had a lot of things filling up my schedule. This means I have had little to no time to devote to my hobbies and relaxing (yes, I consider this website my hobby).

The big reason I have been so busy is that I will be graduating from college in a few weeks! Scary right? The real life is coming at me fast! Between the normal work I usually have from my classes, I also have an independent study to finish, CPR classes I am teaching, paperwork for my degree, etc. It has certainly been a busy semester for me, and I hate that PLV has been neglected because of it. However, school comes first! So unfortunately, until I graduate in four weeks, expect there to be little updates on here.

On the bright side, I have some really wonderful things planned for you all once I have free-time in May! I want to make more educational content hear and on my YouTube channel. I have some awesome nutrition and cooking videos planned along with a whole mini-series in honor of Mental Health Awareness month (which is May for those of you not in the know). I have the supplies all laid out for some up-cycling projects and I just cant wait to share them with you guys! I want my content for PLV to be high quality and full of useful information, but unfortunately at this moment I don't have the time to dedicate to that (literally I barely have time to eat right now... that's not an exaggeration). Once I am done with my bachelors degree, however, I will actually have the time to give this website the polished feel I am going for.

Thank you all for being patient and for the support you give me! I truly love this website and love sharing my passion for plants with you guys!

Get excited for May!

Herbie Highlight: Katie Griffin April 2, 2014

You guys remember the wonderful Katie Griffin? She wrote a wonderful guest post for us here about finding love and acceptance as a herbivore and animal activist. Katie is a certified holistic health coach, who's journey started with her first patient... herself! Through her own struggles, she was able to find her passion for healthy and compassionate living, and from there decided to help others through their own struggles.

When she isn't studying to get her degree in psychology, she spends her days practicing yoga, meditation, journaling, cooking, laughing, and smiling! She is a down to earth, new age yogi, looking to spread a message of self love and compassionate living. Her blog, The Blissful Blog, has information of how to eat healthier, love yourself, and find mindfulness. She makes the plant-based, yogi lifestyle accessible to everyone! Her approach to healthy living is that anyone can do it, you don't need to be that health freak who goes to the gym 6 times a week.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Katie about her herbivore journey. She shares with us what inspired her to make a change in her own life, the struggles she faced, and advice for those working on their own transition.

Guest Post: Learning To Love The Unloveable March 29, 2014

Today I am honored to introduce you guys to my friend, Katie Griffin! Katie is a health coach who seeks to empower others through healthy living. She runs a wonderful blog called The Blissful Blog where she talks not only about healthy eating, but also about having a healthy mind. Her words are enlightening and her own story is truly inspiring. I encourage everyone to check out her blog, which is full of wonderful information to help you live a more compassionate and mindful lifestyle!

Katie was kind enough to write a guest post here for PLV :) Today we are talking about finding compassion as a herbivore and truly living by our beliefs. If we are going to talk the talk... we have to walk the walk...

Why Is Everyone Worried About B-12? March 19, 2014

If you are a veg-head your doctor has probably been worried about your vitamin B-12 levels since the day you told them you don't eat meat! While the plant-based diet is becoming more popular, and many of it's typically myths (we don't get enough protein, we get osteoporosis, we eat grass, etc)  have begun to unravel, there are still some things that people will always worry about. Today we tackle one of the veg-head nutritional basics... Vitamin B-12.
Source: Amazon.com

DIY: Homemade Toner March 6, 2014

After the DIY Face and Hair Mask post, a reader asked me do make a similar post for DIY toner and moisturizer! Toners are actually very easy to make at home! I have never tried making homemade moisturizers, and will have to do some research and experimenting before I make a post for that.

Homemade, natural cosmetics are really fun and often much more effective than store bought brands. The average moisturizer will mostly likely contain butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA), a dangerous chemical that is suspected of disrupting the endocrine system. Shampoos often contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) which is a skin irritant used when testing "healing" balms and cosmetics on animals. The amount of dangerous and damaging chemicals packed into everyday cosmetics is staggering now-a-days. Moving towards more natural products is a great way to care for your skin and health, but it doesn't have to be expensive! Here, I will give a few ingredients you can use to make your own toner! Let me know how this works out for you guys!

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