Finding Time For Yourself February 3, 2015

People like to say, "Life is a roller-coaster."

That's a great analogy. Life is like a roller-coaster. It's got some ups and downs, it goes way too fast sometimes, it flips you up-side-down... and every once in a while you get hit in the face by a goose and break your nose...

Okay, maybe that's just Fabio. However, you can't deny that sometimes it feels like life just threw a 30 lb goose at your face going 75 mph! So what can you do? How do we handle the many stresses we encounter each day and how do we brace ourselves for the unpredictability of life?

Coconut Oil, Not Just For The Kitchen! January 4, 2015

Photo Credit: Cosmic Egg Studios 
Coconut oil is quickly becoming a health-nut staple in the kitchen. Known not only for it's delicious smell, this medium chain fatty acid is broken down quickly in the body to provide a burst of energy. It is believed to help maintain a strong immune system, boost metabolism, and maybe even prevent cancer? Well, I can't tell you for sure if any of that is true, but this is certainly a great source of healthy fat in your diet! I have been known to always have a jar stashed in my kitchen, but I also have a jar in my bathroom! Why? Because this simple product has so many cosmetic uses it is crazy! If you haven't heard the news yet, this jar of magic can be used as a moisturizer, hair mask, makeup remover and more! For those looking for all natural cosmetic alternatives, this is simply a must have. You can use it so many different ways, which I will share with you. So today, venture with me into the mysterious and wondrous world of coconut oil!

Herbivore Chili January 1, 2015

Soup, stew, chili... these should be staples in any healthy diet. Why? Because we are all busy! Some nights there just isn't time to whip up a fresh homemade healthy meal. This is why I love things like stew or chili. Make these recipes in bulk on a Sunday, then put them in Tupperware in the freezer for later! That way the next time you come home late from school or work, you can pop the Tupperware in the microwave and Viola! Dinner!

This recipe is not only delicious, but nutritious (I can rhyme!). With quinoa and kale hidden inside, it packs that extra punch of nutrition! This recipe is also protein dense, and perfect for those aspiring vegan body builders. Need more reasons to love this? This can be made into a one pot meal! You can cook the quinoa and legumes first, then use that same pot for the remainder of the cooking! I am a big fan of quick clean-up dinners. Don't we all? The worst thing after slaving over a home-cooked meal is having a million dishes to clean! This recipe is definitely a minimal clean up job. If you wanted to, you could even put it in a slow cooker instead of a pot or dutch oven.