Meow Meow Tweet Deodorant Cream Review March 23, 2015

My plant-based journey is never ending, and I am constantly looking for small changes I can make in my life for the better. One small change I have been trying to make this year is switching to a more eco-friendly and healthy deodorant. For my hippie friends out there, you probably know the struggle. It seems that a natural deodorant that actually keeps you smelling fresh is nearly impossible to find. I don't even have a big B.O. or sweating problem, but every "natural" deodorant I tried seemed to be a massive failure... till now.

I decided to really tackle this natural deodorant problem this month and started scouring the web for reviews and advice. Eventually, after a lot of searching, I noticed one brand pop up a few times with positive reviews; Meow Meow Tweet.

The name alone was worth investigating. Meow Meow Tweet is a small company based out of Brooklyn NY. Boom! Right off the bat I am getting excited! I prefer supporting small businesses and it is "local" for me (I live a few hours away). I was actually able to pick up the product locally at a natural cosmetic store in my state. Like many small beauty companies, Meow Meow Tweet focuses on small batch production (another thumbs up). Their products are all natural, and I mean all natural. The ingredients list on their products are so simple you could make them in your own kitchen (if you wanted to spend the time and effort, of course).

5 Easy Tips for Ethical Shopping March 16, 2015

This year I am beginning a new journey that I am hoping to share with you guys! One of my New Year's resolutions has been to cut out the excess in my life and start shopping more ethically. I whittled my closet down to the essentials and my favorites, giving all the excess clothes I didn't need to some friends and charity. I also went through my hair care, skin care, cosmetics, and nail care products and got rid of the things I didn't need there as well. I will admit, I am a goo-hoarder and I had way too many moisturizers for one person. I will also admit to how wonderful it has felt to cut out all those excess material items I have been hoarding! I can't really explain why, but having less has made me feel freer.

With my New Year's resolution has come a lot of research. What is "ethical" shopping? How can you know if a brand is producing ethical products? What are the main issues behind mainstream fashion and beauty, and why should we care? I hope to share all I have learned here on the blog, but before we get into the nitty-gritty, I wanted to start with the top tips I have discovered for living a more ethical and sustainable lifestyle. Being a conscious shopper is actually pretty easy when you follows these 5 tips!

8 Tips For Better Sleep March 9, 2015

While it's nice to be able to blame my night-owl tendencies on science, it doesn't really help my continued problem with sleeping at night. It feels like every night I am laying in my bed staring at the ceiling till midnight or later, wishing I was sleepy. And every morning when my alarm goes off, I essentially feel like this...

How to become a morning person
Sammy in the mornings
Seeing as it is a new year, it seems like the perfect time to try and improve my sleeping habits. We hear it all the time, that sleep is extremely important, but so many of us still keep it at the bottom of our priorities list. Adequate sleep is essential not only for our physical health, but for our mental health. Sleep is important in learning as well (NIH). Getting enough sleep can even help you lose more weight (Harvard Health Publications, Harvard Medical School). Even with all this, 60% of American say they have trouble sleeping at least a few nights a week (APA). The question then bares, how can we get better sleep? So today I will share with you guys some tried and true tips! These are things that I have done to help myself sleep at night and hopefully they can help you too.