The Ethical Wishlist: Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC May 4, 2015

What is this? Ethical fashion and Rebecca Minkoff? TAKE MY MONEY!

While I try to focus my shopping purchases on products that are ethically and sustainably sourced, I still admire and secretly covet the traditional designers out there. Rebecca Minkoff has long been a favorite of mine, with her line of handbags being my secret obsession. When I found out that Rebecca Minkoff had teamed up with the Piece & Co. I almost fainted from the pure excitement. Is this real life?

Piece & Co. is a non-profit group founded by Kathleen Wright in 2011, which works to bring artisan produced materials to designer brands. The female artisans working for Piece & Co. design raw materials and textiles that are then sourced to brands such as Nordstrom, J. Crew, and (now) Rebecca Minkoff. Through this partnership with Piece & Co., female artisans are given sustainable employment at fair wages, allowing them to escape the restraints of poverty and support themselves and their families.
These incredible new designs by Rebecca Minkoff and Piece & Co. are not only eye-catching, but supports female empowerment around the world. This is a handbag you can wear with pride, and I am so excited to see more brands working with this amazing non-profit. Small steps like these from big name designers are a message to the rest of the fashion industry that people care about how their products were made, and who made them! It is inspiring to see these kinds of collaborations between non-profits and for-profit groups, and hopefully it is partnerships like these that can bridge the gap between these two very different business practices. Maybe, just maybe, we can show the world that to make a profit, we do not have to sacrifice our compassion and ethics!

Guide: Organic and Fair Trade April 27, 2015

Have you ever been in the grocery store staring at a shelf of products and dizzied by the amount of labels? Certified Organic, Fair Trade, All-natural, No GMOs, No trans-fat, Cholesterol Free! Gosh darn it, I just want a jar of pickles! Well, fret not! Today I am going to break down two of the more common labels and hopefully clear up some of the confusion! Organic and Fair Trade are the two I will talk about most, but there are others as well. I will discuss "humane" certifications at a later date, as that is a whole different bag of crazy to untangle.

Here is a table from a wonderful book called What to Eat, by Marion Nestle! I highly recommend this to anyone interested in nutrition and what they are eating. This book will take you throw the grocery store section by section and tell you everything you need to know to be an informed shopper.

Style Inspiration: Bold Spring Shoes April 20, 2015

Finally after a long and chilly wait, it seems that Spring is here! This morning I woke up to the sound of birds chirping and the cats enjoying a nap in a warm sunbeam. This winter has felt especially long and horrid, so to wake up to some true springtime weather had me jumping with joy. Spring may not be my favorite season, with all the rain and mud, but this year I am welcoming it with eager arms. Even though spring weather isn't my favorite, I love spring fashion! It always feels so good to pull out dresses and bright colors after a cold and bland winter. I was inspired by this wonderful spring weather to put together a style inspiration post!
Ethical Spring Fashion
Dress: People Tree // Shoes: Hetty Rose Shoes // Purse: Matt and Nat // Earrings: Mata Traders // Bracelet: Manumit // Nail Polish: RGB Cosmetics